With our smart phone app, customizing your LED panels is too easy!  WARNING: Get ready for lots of compliments as your Cosmic Cobra product illuminates the night, music festival, or wherever the cosmos takes you. 

Step One.

Download the Swiftmatrix App


Step Two.

Connect your Cosmic Cobra product to the Cobra network.
(Last 3 network numbers correspond to your unique bag ID number)
Note: If you get the "network not available" notice, your bag is still connected.

Step Three.

Open your Swiftmatrix app and begin customization!  Now that you have downloaded the app, wifi or cell service isn't needed.
Note: Clicking the three lines in the top left of your screen allows for brightness adjustment.
Pattern Menu: Allows you to change the LED color patterns your bag will display. (14 options available)
Static Color Menu: Allows for one single color to be displayed.
Text Menu: Allows you to set the scrolling text feature with unlimited character count. (Only applicable on products with LED panel)
Loop Feature: Allows your product to go through all available patterns.
Please make sure to click "Submit" when given the option in order to confirm changes.


DO NOT clean the mirror or vinyl parts with cleaning products containing ALCOHOL

Instead use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe away smudges.

Additional Information

The electronic compartments of our products are sealed to be water resistant.  If liquid gets into the controller box, remove the battery connection and let it completely dry out before attempting to power on.

Please do not leave your Cosmic Cobra products in direct sunlight or in your car for long periods of time.  This can cause damage to the components of the bag.

If you have questions please email us at or reach out to us on Instagram at @cosmic.cobra !