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The Cosmic Reviews

“Within 5 minutes of meeting the cosmic cobra team I knew they were on to something. They are absolute game changers in their field. Their ability to manipulate ideas and concepts into wearable & reusable 3D performance attire is incredible. They went beyond the ask and took measures to create something unique to my brand. “

- @Kidwiseman (San Diego, CA)

"Whenever someone is looking for me at a rave, I get on my friend's shoulders and wear my Infinity Backpack! It's the perfect totem you never have to carry."

- Charlene F. (San Francisco, CA)

"My phone has been stolen out of my backpack before so having the hidden security pocket was a huge plus for me. Since the pocket is right against my back, I never have to worry about someone getting into my secret stash."

- Daniel G. (Seattle, WA)

The Cosmic Mission

What started as a way to stand out from the crowd has flourished into Cosmic Cobra.  We wanted to fashionably express ourselves and find a way to connect with other people.  You're guaranteed to turn heads and make new friends with our products, and we love that!

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